Nexus/Artpro released – Page 2. Is there a new manual for ArtPro so we can see what’s new? No mention of in the UK yet. I’m hoping it fixes one of. Dimensions, ″H x ″W x ″D ( x x cm). Weight, lbs ( kg). Power Requirements, USA VAC Hz VA(max.). ART Pro Audio Menu. Home · Products Power Requirements, 9volt @ma ( internal battery) or 18VDCVDC @ma (phantom power) Owner’s Manual .

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Ah Haven’t seen Prinergy in action in a long time. Nope I don’t see it anymore either. Log in or register to access your WhatTheyThink Account. ArtPro packaging and label artwork can now be viewed with the manuak BackStage Viewer. Thus, any mismatches between graphic and structural designs can be identified quickly, while complex special varnishes and finishing processes can be visualized and approved without risking misinterpretation. This mechanism is based on product keys instead of hardware keys dongles.

Active & Passive DI’s

Join the thousands of printing executives who are already part of the WhatTheyThink Community. This release contains the new license mechanism, with support for activation-based licensing. We have added a switchable low pass Filter that cuts out all very high frequency interference.

Course this will soon find it’s way to ArtPro, when who knows, this might be the perfect opportunity to faze out your G5. If phantom power is available, then the Xdirect will automatically draw its power from the external source. Based on input from thousands of professional users, ArtPro 9. I’m hoping it fixes one of the bugs I’m waiting for so I have an excuse for them to release it to me!


Legacy Products

An improved rendering of reversed content lets users see what will be printed before expensive proofs, plates or cylinders are produced.

Formula for Pantone ?

Users can rotate the design view to read text and view design content more easily, saving time and reducing proofing errors. Ahh, that would be Nexus 9. In this mode it draws 3. The Xdirects active circuitry is artpto by an internal 9volt battery, when external power is not available. There are no dongles required for both but you do need a license code and this is currently a manual step for EskoArtwork.

Looking forward to the switch? A Phase Invert switch, while not normally included with your run of the mill D.

I remember when 8. The Xdirect has an extremely flat agtpro wide frequency response and can handle high signal levels while still maintaining an isolated balanced low impedance output.

Your linkys are a little wacked. New ArtiosCAD production support allows companies that produce folding cartons to seamlessly import the die manufacturing information the “intelligent dieline” from ArtiosCAD, saving time and preventing errors. Please check this link for the system requirements.

They are just trying to stage off the mass demand until the licensing system is fully automated. July 30, No mention of manuak. A way to find a pdf page size from acrobat reader? T on July 16, This gives the Xdirect a very clean and neutral sound with a wide variety of signal sources and over long signal runs in high noise environments.


Nexus/Artpro released

What’s new in Nexus 9. Other languages are going to be added into future 9. With support for Visualizer Ink Books, users are able to effortlessly preview finishing and enable layers of label designs in Visualizer, showing photo-realistic 3D mock-ups and dynamic print visualizations. Just a heads up on this. This version is now available on the 9.5 Center for customers with a current Maintenance Contract. System requirements Please check this link for the system requirements.

Captain beat me to the reply. If you have never received Nexus 9. PrepressN00b 95. July 29, For example, a new highlight filter identifies areas that need special attention, such as scum dots, screening conflicts or hairlines that might make output unusable.

Please provide your Customer Code, password and dongle number when logging the call to reporting the issue. Its full feature set, manusl construction, and high-end specifications make the Xdirect the obvious choice whenever you have to interface high impedance sources with a low noise balanced system.

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With an instant link with Esko Visualizer, users can quickly and easily make virtual 3D mock-ups of packaging jobs-from folding cartons to flexible packaging. Joe on July 07, Dear Valued Customer, We are pleased to announce the release of Nexus 9.