The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization. George Russell’s book, The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization, first published in , was. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Lydian Chromatic Concept. This page can be read either as one continuous article from . Lydian Chromatic Concept Theory basically asserts that the lydian scale is more [It] implies an evolution to higher levels of tonal organization.

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As the player ventures further from the Lydian tonic however and further up the circle of fifthsthe tonal gravity shifts. Lydian Scale is more closely aligned to the natural, universal properties of sound than the conventional major scale.

theory – What is the Lydian Chromatic Concept? – Music: Practice & Theory Stack Exchange

Simply put, the basic building block of tonal gravity is the interval of the perfect fifth. He has given seminars in this work around the world and has personally guided countless private students. Read more about that HERE. If he had based his reasoning on higher harmonics, he should have ended up with Lydian b7. But the rest of the title tells us something just as important, even if conccept seems obvious. Studies in the World cocept Musical Improvisationp.


The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization

The publishers seem to be very keen on protecting their intellectual property – as is their right of course – I think the only way to find out is to buy the book. I have some hard-earned insights into what seemed to be tona complex subject when I began. There are, of course 12 of them. It is also one of the most needlessly confusing books ever written.

Lydian Chromatic Concept:

If we continue down that column, we get this:. It is a map of a sound world; an F sound world. The Art and Science of Tonal Gravity. What is a Lydian Chromatic Scale?

Russell posited that tonal gravity emanates from the first seven tones of the Lydian mode. No art form or theory is complete without some basis in psychology and spirituality. Here is a letter of recommendation written by Mr. Most – if not all – music theoretical systems have chosen to ignore the inclusion of this key internal element.

He wrote stuff like that and it was incredible. The Concept does not disprove the discoveries and contributions of other musical theories, but rather explains where their truths rest in the context of tonal gravity.

That is a big loss, in my opinion, and here is why.

It is with pride and pleasure that we present this fourth and final edition. Retrieved from ” https: Suffice it to say that it is the very soul of the LCCTO that the overtone series creates the basis for tonal gravity. It matters for this reason: The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization is one of the most important books about the musical universe.


The link that once worked for has been taken down. Who can most benefit by studying the Lydian Chromatic Concept?

Russell’s lydan, collaborated with him or studied “The Concept” with him. These things are now crystal clear. George Russell’s Lydian chromatic concept of tonal organization.

When discussing this theory you need to dispense with functional harmony. So what exactly is the Lydian Chromatic Concept and what are some examples of this in practice? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I was pulled towards the Concept, and through patience and research ended up discovering Andy. Sign up using Email and Password. To do this requires a willingness to learn that emanates from self-motivation. As you will soon discover for yourself, the Lydian Chromatic Concept of Oeganization Organization requires us to think in a new way.