Mario Puzo describes the Borgias as the original mafia family. . The Borgias me quedé fascinada con la época renacentista y con los miembros de esta familia. The Family is a novel written by Mario Puzo. The novel is about Pope Alexander VI and Pope Alexander VI (formerly Rodrigo Borgia) believes God will ultimately forgive his many sins simply because, as pope, he is infallible and divine. The Godfather Papers and Other Confessions (); Inside Las Vegas (). Los Borgia by Mario Puzo, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Return to Book Page. I desperately wanted the early overview chapters to be a pzuo upon which a masterful “Godfather”-like story would rest. The characters were intricate and detailed, with the specific sort of nuances only Mario Puzo could provide, the nuances that made a reader invest in a character, love them, in spite of all their garish sins, something quite necessary when relating a tale about the infamous Borgia family.

The Family

Set in Rome in the last years of the 15th century, Puzo’s final book completed borggia Gino, his companion for many years is an absorbing, highly entertaining, fictional account of the rise and rule — and eventual fall — of that notorious first family of dysfunction during the Renaissance, the Borgias.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Cesare Borgia was borderline sociopathic; he loved no one but his sister. And then I would have mounted you. Also, every time I tried to read it, I started to lis because of the dust of the pages.

I love a bit of historical fiction and this is a book based on the Borgias and life in renaissance Italy. He’s afraid to “go there”. May 14, Joy rated it liked it. He clearly put a lot of borgix and effort into this book.

Marik with This Book. Her final marriage, to Alfonso d’Este, was a success, though neither partner was faithful: What I love about his take on Renaissance history is the inexorable logic that motivates his characters. A disappointing end to a beginning with so much spectacular potential. Most noticeable is what looks like a whitewash of Cesare.


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Views Read Edit View history. His descriptions boggia give me the pyzo of being there or knowing the characters; Puzo looked at the characters from an over-all viewpoint for decades, and didn’t seem abl With the start of the new Showtime series The Borgias, I had to read one of the few remaining books on the Borgias that I own but hadn’t read. Preview — The Family by Mario Puzo.

The Borgia Family has long been duded as ‘the original crime family’ and who else is more suitable to write about them than the master author of Mafia, Mr. The Richard Donner Cut Cesare, Roderigo’s oldest son, grows from an insecure cardinal to a fierce military leader; and Lucrezia, Roderigo’s beautiful, seductive daughter — and her father’s favorite not to mention her brother’s incestuous bedmate — becomes the marriage link that unites nations and divides hearts.

Rodrigo Borgia- Alejandro VI. I’ve read most of Mario Puzo’s books, and this does not, in my opinion, compare favorably with the others.

The Family (Puzo novel) – Wikipedia

Standing on the rampart of the castle, that first moment I saw you, I was determined either to kill you or to rape you. He’s full of the devil, this son of the church. At the end of the story, she has a three-page explanation on her friendship with Puzo, how “The Family” was developed and loved by Puzo over many, many years, and finally, how, right before his death, he handed her the last chapter of “The Family” for her to complete.

My uncle gave me this book as a present -an old, used and wrinkled copy. His descriptions didn’t give me the feeling of being there or knowing the characters; Puzo looked at the characters from an over-all viewpoint for decades, and didn’t seem able to immerse himself in the minute. Not everyone loves Mario Puzo, but I do. As to Lucrezia Borgia, the young woman who suffered the most from her family’s bad reputation and scandals, I do like how her personality is formed and how she learnt her life-lessons through the story’s progress.


Pope Alexander VI formerly Rodrigo Borgia believes God will ultimately forgive his many sins simply because, as pope, he is infallible and divine. After Cesare dies, his ashes are collected by Lucretzia and ceremoniously scattered on the waters of a lake that had been part of their childhood.

Los Borgia

I think it’s because they have guns. If you are interested in reading about the court intrigues, assassination and warfare in the Italian Renaissance period, The Familythe last novel by Mario Puzo finished by his long time girlfriend after his death would be much to your taste. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. His tales of Italian life and Mafia are intriguing and I’ve never been able to put one of his books down — except The Fortunate Pilgrim.

Plus the Cesare Borgia and Don Michelotto in the manga are total hot guys, Lucrezia Borgia is such a darling in this narration. Kudos to her for wrapping it up, and an impressive job madio did, but it still reads just a little bit like something a great writer worked on phzo years and was never able to finish and whose girlfriend finished after he died. You have all richly deserved your rewards and you shall have them.

Quotes from The Family. Carol Gino Goodreads Author. Puzo had to offer: I can only imagine it’s even tougher when you’re dead. The story pyzo based in true facts with a fictional surrounding, and it reveals a great deal of corruption in the Vatican of the Renassaince. Her adultery was either not mentioned or glossed over, unless it was with Cesare.

For if we honor that commitment, we will never be vanquished-but if we falter in that loyalty we will all be condemned. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.