John Ruskan is the author of Emotional Clearing ( avg rating, 59 ratings, 10 reviews, published ), Emotional Clearing ( avg rating, 8 ratings. “Ruskan’s Emotional Clearing is full of useful insights into emotional healing, and from John Ruskan- . “Ruskan has achieved a challenging and difficult task. Emotional Clearing: A Groundbreaking East West Guide to Unconditional John Ruskan, Author Broadway Books $25 (p) ISBN

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The Loving Relationships Treasury.

Yes, the answer came. Let me tell you a little about it. Lately it’s been taught that just by visualizing an image in your mind, or thinking the correct thoughts, you will attract what you want. The review must be at least 50 characters long.

John Ruskan (Author of Emotional Clearing)

However I emotioanl get through this book. Even feelings from years, or life-times ago, are stored in the subconscious. Kate rated it really liked it Oct 04, For example, lately there’s been a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction. Between the Moon and the Walking.

Emotional Clearing: A Groundbreaking East West Guide to Unconditional Happiness

It’s not a no-brainer. Stop being the victim. Have you been on the Eastern spiritual pathinadvertently bypassing negative emotions? And, of course, last but most popular, relationship dependencies. I just read parts of this book to see what someone dear to me is interested in these days.

Acknowledge how the feeling is coming from the suppressed, unconscious reservoir within, and is only being triggered by and projected onto the event, even attracting it to you. It’s Monday Only in Emltional Mind. May 15, Erica Golin is currently reading it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

  DSP 141N PDF

They routinely report that they use ECP methods when they need to deal with heavy-duty issues; they may also apply emotlonal but find that it is usually irrelevant. Contact the 3 healing energies of the universe. What I realized was that these feelings were actually coming from my rjskan emotional subconscious and just attaching to people and circumstances outside myself. I’ve found his audio emotional clearing session very effective in doing my own clearing work and because of his style and the privacy of the experience, it is helpful for people who do not feel safe sharing their experiences with another in a person to person session.

It is likely you will have to repeat this at other times to completely release the suppressed feeling, and important life “clearing missions” may take years. This was a remarkable read for me Don’t be alarmed if the feeling becomes intense.

Emotional Clearing OM Page

At the Water’s Edge. Witnessing refers to a powerful shift of consciousness that awakens the transcendental spiritual energy in us, brings us into an Alpha healing state, and allows processing of difficult feelings to proceed easily.

And at the same time how I never took responsibility! A superlative program in holistic counseling for those interested in becoming trained Emotional Clearing Facilitators. Difficult situations changed magically because I no longer needed to attract them. Cassie Head rated it really liked it Sep 08, It’s not only me who’s available for counseling – there are many Emotional Clearing Facilitators that I have trained, in all parts of the world, who may live near you, or who are available on Skype.

I naturally started to use breath and body techniques that I had learned in my Yoga practice to facilitate Deep Relaxation, even incorporating Binaural Beat Technology to help induce Alpha. Maybe because I’m so involved with other personal passions, such as the arts.


Activate authentic self-esteem by accepting and honoring all parts of yourself, including your painful feelings. In other words, suppress your anger.

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Lighting the Lamp Within. To go deep, and be effective, and that’s what you need to do for lasting work, you need to understand some things ruekan about the subconscious, for example. December 1, Imprint: It was also important for me to integrate my emotional work with my consciousness work and I could not see how to do this in traditional therapy.

Discover Your Authentic Self.

How I would blame, blame, blame, and unconsciously blame more. Everything Is Here to Help You. In fact, whenever you do any valid transformational or healing work on yourself, you’re bound to have negative feelings come up as part of the release, and that’s when you need Emotional Clearing tools. I was taught to aim for higher consciousness, to become a loving and blissful person, but I was never taught how to handle the negative feelings inside as part of my spiritual practice.

How to Control Your Anger. It’s very in depth and may be more than many are ready for but Ruskan knows his subject and is one of the best in his field. Take Me To Truth: In this ground-breaking work, John Ruskan focuses on the vital but often misunderstood issue of emotional healing and growth on the path to higher consciousness.