JetBook Lite. This is similar to the JetBook with the rechargeable battery replaced with a AA battery compartment to use 4 standard AA batteries. Standard cells. Lightweight and super-portable, ECTACO jetBook Lite is the ultimate pocket library. Capable of storing thousands of books in the world’s most popular. Welcome to another Good e-Reader review! Today we take a look at one of the best e-reader offerings from Ectaco, the Jetbook Lite! How does.

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The Ectaco Jetbook Lite is a great e-reader in the respects of its ability to read many types of ebook jetbooo. Give us a call at or click here to email.

Ectaco Jetbook Lite e-Reader Review

It does not over-complicate the feature used to give you the meanings. This also serves as copying Jetbook Lite firmware update files which greatly enhance your e-reader. If you want to buy an eBook from another store, you have to make sure its only in ePub format. Find your favorite here: This product has been on the market for quite a long time.

Looking for a tool to help you learn the language or at least to be able to communicate with the locals? Apple Red Buy now! The main difference between the ordinary jetBook and the jetBook LITE is the fact that the accumulators are replaced by usual AA batteries which does not only make it possible to reduce the price, but to also economize energy used by the screen. Fun and Entertaining Ectaco Vocabulary Builder Apps for Android Check out the great new language learning app from Ectaco — Vocabulary Builder for Android, bringing the well-known game of hangman to a new level.

Read this page in your language.


The internet is rich in being able to download a ton of free content. We are blessed in Canada and the USA to have such an extensive selection of e-readers at our hands, both in stores and online.

Royal Blue Buy now!

Ectaco says it cannot help. There is a Mini USB port on the device that you use in order to hook it up to your computer and directly copy pictures ,ite ebooks. I was hoping to score a case for my jetBook LITE and to get one for my son, dad, and friend as well is really awesome!


It has a jetboo, quirks, like the menu varies with each format, but overall it is a great value. California Yellow Buy now! This is a great upgrade compared to the Jetbook Miniwhich has jetbopk paltry 1.

Ordering from our site is easy and secure. The one great thing about using tangible batteries is that it brings the cost down significantly, although in the long term your end cost is increased having to buy batteries.

If you prefer expedited delivery please select one of the options below: If you are unable to access the page with the order form, please install SSL support on your browser. Ectaco tells me that it is some sort of interface issue with Adobe epub. Ectaco – Unlimited linguistic resources for all of your needs. All of the main settings are broken into main categories and then launch corresponding sub categories.

jetbook lite | The eBook Reader Blog

All in all, the Jetbook Lite is a worthwhile investing if you live outside of North America. Check out some more specifics below! We found this very convenient and something entirely unique to the Jetbook Lite, against any of its competition.

If the option you want to hit is near the bottom, instead of scrolling on the D-PAD, you can simply hit the number key and launch the setting. The dictionary itself is available in many different languages, so if English is not your main spoken tongue, you do have options. There is the direct pronunciation and 3 quick half sentences that tell you the different meanings.


The ECTACO AL supports a vast number of languages and has an enormous vocabulary of commonly spoken words and phrases, making it the best electronic translator for use in international travel.

Fast, Efficient, and More Powerful: Much of my library was migrated from earlier devices, including Palm docs, and it reads them fine. Full text The First-ever Language Learning Crossword Puzzle Apps for Android Meet the first-ever multilingual Ectaco Crosswords for Android – a perfect tool which combines the fun and entertaining process of solving puzzles jetbooo language learning on your Android phone.

We added more Asian languages: They ship all over the world at cheap affordable prices. The one great feature about the built in dictionary is that it gives you the bare essentials to know what the word means.

Many different countries use different voltages for charging devices, where as a AA battery anywhere in the world would be compatible with your e-reader. The Ectaco Jetbook Lite runs a Linux based operating system, which is very stable and has yet to hang or crash. Over languages liet.

Alaska Gray Buy now! The Ectaco e-Book Reader provides multiple choice of sizes and types to suit your reading preference.

We recommend buying some rechargeable batteries to make this device a jjetbook way of charging it. The settings menu was our pleasant surprise.