“I was just calling down there to tell him you were here, but there’s no answer. Hopefully that means “Fine.” Hygienic or not, he was hungry. “Here you go.”. Clever, steamy [with] a deliciously wicked sense of humor that readers will gobble up.”. Hungry For You: An Argeneau Novel OMG!! Have any of you read this yet? THIS was classic Lynsay Sands. Everything you’ve ever loved about.

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This is one of the funny Argeneau novels – some of them are more serious, though they all have Sands’ trademark humour in the banter – and a joy to read. I hope she’s really really talkative. Read it so we can laugh together over Bricker. So over all not really a memorable book. Dear God that was three times what she was paying him and twice what she could afford … … which he knew, of course. But, when Sam informed her that the man she wanted Dor to meet was a chef coming from Europe, Alex agreed to th Someone has been trying to sabotage Alex Willan’s grand opening of her restaurant.

AND I’m terribly bored of hearing out the nanno story developed in so many pages, why explain it over and over again? Alex is in the midst of opening up her second restaurant when a case of bad luck nearly derails her plans.

Sure, he didn’t watch television, occasionally messed up modern slang and couldn’t use a microwave but none of that gave me a sense that I was reading about a huhgry, year old immortal. If you like the series, you’ll probably like this one. I know who you are, Sam. When he arrives in New York for a multiple-immortal wedding, Marguerite tells him he needs to meet Sam’s sister Alex. Unfortunately, her own fall would come first. There was very little humor other than the soon to be infamous tin foil scene, which was funny if not terribly original and no suspense.


A successful restaurateur and chef in Toronto, Alex has no time for men, especially as she prepares to open her second, much larger restaurant. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! So, I kynsay my feelings about the stories, by writing them down here. Peter Cunningham, or Pierre as he hungy to be called, was her head cook. It would be creepy. Well Sam knows that Marguerite is NEVER wrong about lifemates and decides to lie to Alex and tell her that Cale is a chef from France because Alex’s head chef decided to randomly quit just that night and Alex is desperate for a replacement and can’t find one.

Yes, her sister Sam was in the background but Sam’s main role really became about pairing off Alex more than working to support her. Bricker as always was a hoot. Usually the things A comfort food. They might suit each other.

Calamity after calamity have slowed the opening and driven her to the edge of bankruptcy. Her sister, Sam, is desperate to introduce Alex to one of the immortals so that the three sisters can secure their future together.

Mar 16, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: Like the other books lynsau this series, it doesn’t focus so much on the plot, it centers more around the members of the Argeneau family and their friends.

This book had an absolutely hilarious scene.

Hungry for You (Argeneau #14) by Lynsay Sands

I recommend it to readers who love Argeneau Vampires but I certainly wouldn’t introduce anyone to the series with this book I think Sands is strongest when she is sticking to the comedy and relationships and stays away from more typical conflict and violence. He was also eyeing him with a combination of pity and, strangely, what appeared to be envy. Alex drummed her fingers thoughtfully on the desk. You submitted the following rating and review. The chemistry between Alex and Cale was undeniable Have any of you read this yet?


Unfortunately, that strain of humour that keeps these books interesting simply wasn’t in this novel. We also get other well-known characters appearing in this one, notably Bricker, Mortimer, Marguerite and Lucian and their lifemates.

I also loved that he was intelligent, but he also seemed innocent when it came to relationships and although he was ancient, he still had alot to learn. Feb 01, Cathy rated it liked it Shelves: I really liked this book because it is a type of comfort for me.

Alex would make yku good immortal. He has always held my curiosity.

The Argeneau Vampire books certainly accomplish both and this latest installment just reaffirmed my loyalty to this series is still holding strong! At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer’s personal information. Cale bumped around, constantly making gaffe’s in his attempts to hide his feeding or immortal status from Alex.

This is another winner for me! Hungry ForYou is light-hearted, fun loving, and a sexy read. This story seemed forced and the romance between these two developed just because they were life mates. Let the man titteh begin.

Hungry for You

She just didn’t have time for her sister to meddle in her love life Hunggy Series Complete Collection. Bored with everything in France where he lives and works he decided to take a long vacation in Canada to visit family.

Yet he’s determined to prove to Alex his prowess in the kitchen.

You need to get to the restaurant before she changes her mind and takes off for the new place or something.