Hugh Harleston Jr. is the author of El zodiaco maya. Su horóscopo y características psíquicas ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Th. Mayans unified space and time in whole numbers. They synthesized planetary movements with dimensions at Teotihuacan, a pyramidal complex northeast of. Buy A mathematical analysis of Teotihuacan on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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So if the plan were set out in round numbers it looks like there is a greater preponderance of round numbers in “Sumerian” feet than in “Mayan hunabs”, but in the end, they are all part of the same measuring system.

Hugh Harleston L. – Google Scholar Citations

The base measurement of the Sun Pyramid is quoted Mesoamerican Archaeology as metres. Aur is also the birthplace of Abraham.

Open Preview See a Problem? These initial surprising results found on December 20, are listed below: Prof Sugiyama proposed a unit of mm for Teotihuacan. Accuracy in years is Ayurveda Cinema Hinduism Places Sikhism.

The pyramid has been built up in different phases, each phase enclosing an earlier phase and phase 2 dates to A. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. From the onset, the numbers match with practical teachings of Hebrew Qabalah. The teachings of these Hebrew sages coincide with the mythology of Teotihuacan.

Similarly, Chesed as the second principal or Sefirot of the Ein Sof World-Tree is represented by 72, which corresponds with due to the location of the measurements and the meaning of the word associations.

That is said to be Teotihuacan units representing a day calendar, it is also Megalithic yards The quoted distances of metres and metres are also compatible with round numbers of Megalithic yards as explained above in Mesoamerican Archaeology. About Hugh Harleston Jr. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Includes illustrations and appendices.

Interestingly, minus 72 equalsthe Length of the complex of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl which runs along the length of the 72 Hunab wide river of the Avenue of the Dead. In the units of Drewitt and Drucker which was 4 x links or 48 shusi, it would be 1, of these units, confirming again that Drewitt and Drucker had made a correct assessment, but using harleeton multiples of shusi.

Their architecture defines mathematical geometry, plus still other relationships that are invisible with French meters, Egyptian circles, Babylonian seconds. Prof Sugiyama quotes a study by Drewittand Drucker , ‘s which found a unit of mm Paperback1st editionpages. Therefore, the of Aur complements or expounds upon the of Ein Sof. One million tetrahedrons, each twelve STUs tall, measure the north-to-south diameter of our planet. Were these not indeed Lords of Time! Accessing Materials Described Here.

Avenue of the Dead satellite view.

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Reload Please fill the above code for verification. And Chesed is the primary virtue or fruit applied to the Ein Sof tree. In Sumerian feet, from the front of the Moon pyramid to the nearside of the Citadel Ciudadela is 5, Sumerian huh, which would also be 2, Sumerian yards, 1, double-Sumerian yards of shusi, 3, Egyptian royal cubits or Mayan hunabs.

For that reason, it is not unusual to find both ‘Sumerian’ cubits and ‘Egyptian’ cubits present at the same locations. He gives the measured width of a balustrade as 1. From the southern side of the Sun pyramid enclosure to the near side of the citadel enclosure would be 2, Sumerian feet, 1, Sumerian cubits, Sumerian yards, Sumerian double-yards, 1, Egyptian royal cubits or Mayan hunabs.


Javier Aguilar marked it as to-read Dec 13, Avenue of the Dead with the Sun Pyramid in the background to the left. No part of this Internet site may be reproduced without prior written permission of the copyright holder. He gives the distance between sculptured heads as 3.

The overall depth of the pyramid from back to front combined with the platform in haarleston is quoted in “Mesoamerican Archaeology” p as being metres. Cons Cons marked it as to-read Dec 20, They synthesized planetary movements with dimensions at Teotihuacan, a pyramidal complex northeast of Mexico City.

Harleston believed that one of the reasons for a city with these specific designs was to illustrate various celestial distances, such as, the distance between planets. See Table for sequences. Julio Leyva Avilez marked it as to-read Dec 18, Jim Allen, 16 June email webatlantis hotmail.

Want to Read saving…. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He formed the Uac-Kan Research Group inwhich accomplished over archeological field excursions from The steps were designed with specific dimensions with each of the ten sections having their own unique length and width measurements.

Space and Time Unified at Teotihuacan.