OLEG D. JEFIMENKO West Virginia University. Electrostatic M o t o r s It is also interesting to note that certain types of electrostatic motors were frequently. From Oleg D. Jefimenko, Causality, Electromagnetic Induction, and Gravitation: A Different Approach to the Theory of Electromagnetic and. Electrostatic Motors. Oleg Jefimenko and David K. Walker. Everyone is familiar with the property of elec- tric charges to attract or to repel one another.

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A recipe for an effective electret material is 45 percent carnauba wax, 45 percent water-white rosin and 10 electrlstatic white beeswax. The devices that you see here are corona-discharge motors. Instead of sandwiching the electret alternately between pairs of metal plates, Jefimenko employs opposing pairs of adjacent plates [see illustration at rightt].

You are commenting using your WordPress. Oliver Heaviside first predicted this field in the article A Gravitational and Electromagnetic Analogy It operates at speeds of up to 12, revolutions per minute at an efficiency of substantially more than 50 percent. Electrostatic motors are lighter than electromagnetic motors for the same output power since the motor occupies the entire volume. Corona rotors can of course also be made in the form of disks. Essentially the machine consists of a rimless wheel that turns in the horizontal plane on low-friction bearings.

A potential of at least 2, volts, however, is essential for initiating corona discharge at the knife-edges. There are millions — perhaps billions — of kilowatts of electrical energy flowing into the earth constantly.

I had corrected the imbalance caused by a lump of cement at one end of the rotor by adding a counterweight on the opposite side at the opposite end of the cylinder. It electroostatic the kind of wire normally employed for interconnecting electronic components and is available from dealers in radio supplies.


A point-studded balloon tethered by a wire at an altitude of 75 meters might be expected to deliver.

Oleg D. Jefimenko

An electret is a sheet or slab of waxy dielectric material that supports an electric field, much as a permanent magnet carries a magnetic field. Evidence of that is the fact that EM waves are widely held to be propagated by the E field creating the H field and the H field creating the E field as it goes along.

Similar to a nuclear battery mohors of Dr. Several limitations must first be overcome. We drilled slightly oversized holes in the corners of one side piece and carefully adjusted until the rotor was turning true in the slot.

Estimates of the stored energy range from a million kilowatts to a billion kilowatts. In a particularly spectacular experiment, Jefimenko turned on a Van de Graaff generator — a device that creates a very-high-voltage field. Discovered by Ben Franklin in the 18th century, electrostatic motors are an all-American invention. It is conceivable that such motors could replace the complex installations now needed for converting the high-voltage d.

Jefimenko estimates that corona motors could deliver one horsepower for each olwg pounds of weight. I found this story behind some esoteric equations to be pretty amusing, and thought others might agree.

Oleg D. Jefimenko – Wikipedia

He rigged a wagon-wheel-sized, horizontally mounted device with 30 glass spokes. This is might also be called a gravimagnetic field. Six radially directed needle points grazed the rim of the disk at equal intervals.

They consume current at the rate of about a millionth of an ampere when they are running at full speed. If the electrodes are spaced too close, sparks tend to jump from electrode to electrode around the rotor, thereby in effect short-circuiting the machine. A moment later, we lost count. Static balance was achieved by experimentally adding small bits of adhesive tape to the inner surface of the aluminum foil that lines motorx cylinder until the rotor remained stationary at all positions to which it was set by hand.


It produces a permanent electrostatic charge in the surrounding space, just as a magnet produces a permanent magnetic field. As the electret moved between the attracting plates, however, the commutator switched the plates to matching polarity. It represents a physical approach profoundly different from the time-space geometry approach of the Einstein general theory elecrtostatic relativity. Even they can be contrived of metallic foil backed by any stiff dielectric.

When the charged section of the rotor reaches the opposite electrode, another jefimdnko discharge reverses the polarity and starts the whole thing over again. Then we noticed that the disk always stopped with one side down.

The next energy breakthrough is Dr. Although it varies widely, strength of the field averages volts per meter. The machine consisted of an uncoated disk of glass that rotated in the vertical plane on low-friction bearings between opposing crosses of ebonite. The Poggendorff motor looked simple; we slapped it together in a couple of hours, hooked up the power source — and nothing happened. The earth is an electrical conductor.

So I go out on my step and what to my wondering eyes doth appear but the box from Amazon. The strength of the force is at a maximum because the electret is close to the electrodes. About a yard away he placed a sharp-pointed corona antenna and connected it to an electrostatic motor. What can I say?

The imbalance was only a fraction of an ounce — but it was too much. The upper end of the tinsel was hoisted aloft by a cluster of three weather balloons. Notify me of new comments via email.

A hazardous charge can accumulate.