Adventures in Blackmoor (Dungeons & Dragons Module DA1) [Dave L. Arneson, David J. Ritchie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Adventures in Blackmoor modscans/ Did you Play or DM this adventure (or both. A page saddlestitched book with loose cover and a foldout map. This is the first Mystara/Blackmoor supplement. Blackmoor has an odd history. It was first a.

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Only a member of this dq1 may post a comment. It is interesting to see how everyone’s experiences compared and differed. Results 1 to 10 of Yet, it was not men that would keep the Well of Souls from destruction, but a prophecy – that the artifact would be unmade only by the hand of one as yet unborn!

Views Read Edit View history. Dark Sun Dark Sun: Adventures in Blackmoor – your experiences? The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: I’ll take the bait. Thus said the god of Afridhi, Zugzul the One. Clues found in the inn lead to the second part of advnetures adventure.

The Blackmoor Archives – Home of the Comeback Inn

Product Manager Bruce Heard later revealed that he had plans for bringing Blackmoor back in the late s, but this never happened as TSR was bought by Wizards of the Coast. For centuries, this tangled adgentures of sluggish watercourses, stagnant ponds, and festering marshes has defended Blackmoor’s southwestern frontier.

Originally Posted by TerraDave. Once you get past the fact that every other NPC is carrying an intelligent sword the Rogues, Regents, and Rascals section has some great characters. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. If divorced from the plot and used as mini-settings, they are quite nice. I feel that each of these version of Blackmoor is but a representive of David Arneson’s vision.

Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: The real drawback is that the city is so huge, navigating it is so difficult, and the PCs chances of remaining undetected so small, that without some major DM handwaving their not likely to make it far enough to encounter the most interesting stuff.


That’s what old hands call the Great Dismal Swamp. The Temple of the Frog was based on locations blackmmoor in Dave Arneson’s campaign in the early s during the time when the group were banished from Blackmoor Town itself after loosing the Castle to invading forces.

DA4, as mentioned by the previous poster, didn’t really have much to do with Blackmoor, and wasn’t really remarkable. The City of the Gods iin first introduced in Dave Arneson’s campaign and this adventure location blackmood particularly deadly to his PCs. Beyond the realm of the Egg, advenfures hated Skandaharian Raiders are building longships and preparing to fall upon Blackmoor’s unprotected coast while its tiny army turns to meet these other threats.

These ads included a pre production cover of the module. Many were the men who guarded the Hill of the Hammer during the days of making – for their foes in hated Blackmoor would advdntures to unmake that which they had wrought.

Archived from the original on I always felt like Arneson and Ritchie were really more interested in writing a sourcebook than an adventure. In fact, as I recall chances are pretty slim that the party will even make it inside. There, amid vile, unholy rites, they bound the souls of men into its very substance, and, as it took shape, they sharpened their swords for the red-handed work that must surely follow hard upon its completion.

Yet it is to this place of deadly menace that Blackmoor’s leaders now send a daring expedition – to bargain for aid in the coming wars – or to steal the blackmolr of the gods.

Other people have been able to write interesting material for those settings. Notice that Arneson wasn’t involved in this one. Yet, adentures as the froggies gloat, the king of Blackmoor dispatches a small band of bold adventurers to the rescue.

DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor with map for Dungeons & Dragons

The campaign material and npc information is far, far more interesting and useful than the adventure itself, and takes up the bulk of the book. Originally Posted by MrFilthyIke.


To south and east, the Great Empire of Thonia plots to end Blackmoor’s independence and reclaim its lost province. Originally Posted by diaglo. Like the other modules in the series, it features many of the locales and characters present in Dave Arneson’s original “Blackmoor” campaign as seen in the First Fantasy Campaign.

Yet they could have been connected using this series of adventures. I’ve had two PC’s back in ’87 killed odd by the murderous bastard. And the fact that Blackmoor’s sworn enemies, the monks of the evil and eccentric Order of the Frog, are also interested in the magic represented by the egg.

There’s just enough to flesh out swaths of the this hybrid Blackmoor. It has been speculated that this was due to a shift in management at TSR with Gary Gygax having left the company in towards the end of It’s less of an adventure than a primer into Blackmoor culture and intrigue. There were rumours that the module had been completed before it was cancelled.

DA1 was still vital for its time as the only easily available Blackmoor primer. Large armies and smaller parties have disappeared altogether inside its vast, dripping, claustophobic corridors. The inn is an interesting location and the backstory is engaging, but the adventure itself is fairly by the numbers.

Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Saturday, 23rd February, They must call it the Well of Souls, and they must carry it before them into every battle – and they would be mighty.