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I should probably add some installation pictures to that gallery. When in parallel it was close enough to 75 that it shouldn’t of been a problem for the console but the OSD takes a huge hit from its Vpp being grounded so heavily.

So I tried a proper OSD hack on these units and yep, black is as black as midnight. You don’t need a switch for this set, just 75ohm terminations, n caps and 5v to blanking. It leaves me confused as to why there is an issue. Really great information out here. So the set will not allow signal via those inputs until a plug is actually in the socket.

I’ll try feeding the sync directly to the jungle IC. Just a quick thought on this one Looks like I removed the original.

Lifting the pins is fine really, and your install picture looks fine also. Diodes have around 0. The OSD may be constantly feeding the lines tho which could be the cause of the datashet. Awesome,that will work just fine. The diode should mean the OSD remains at it’s initial whatever.


It is currently Mon Dec 31, 1: I figured that with the way the boards dztasheet together, the fewer wires I could have dangling between the better.

Can see it on page Were it not for the convergence issues this could very well have been a religious experience. TV RGB mod thread. Well that is both some coincidence and very sucky. Cheering you got it working. Black levels and everything else are fine, nice little set.

Below is a summary of how I wired things and the troubleshooting steps taken https: When I removed the case I found out pretty fast why it sounded so good. Pin 5 of IC is the 5V output. But at the same time the picture is superb and no menu settings need to be changed between consoles.

The legs of cx2a139s caps furthest away from the chip are should be an appropriate “snipping point” where you can disconnect the OSD RGB by desoldering and later inject your own RGB. Mark OZ was connecting 75 ohm termination resistors and the chassis already had ohm termination resistors. Following your progress has made me understand why the mod of the BG-1S chassis was so much more successful.

CXAS – Sony Semiconductor Datasheet PDF – DataSheetBank

Ca2139s for capacitors near the pins 14, 15 and 16 of the IC visual inspection and multimeter. I meant put the pots in line on cxa22139s RGB feed lol, not as terminations. They should stay at 75ohm In series will control color.


The hardest part was finding some volts to stick in the blanking pin; it took me an hour to realize 9 would be fine.

Remember to terminate your RGB lines console side with 75ohm resistors, I usually do it on the scart connector Many of the rear inputs are make or break connections, the TV will only allow sync or audio to pass through if there are plugs in the sockets. But the console is still to washed out and bright in this configuration also. I just wired my sync from the rca datasehet to the y pin on the header that connects the IO board and the jungle board. Yeah I was totally wrong, you get Wed Sep 20, 1: Wed Sep 20, 3: Thu Sep 21, 4: As for the pot I dataseet one on ebay for under 11 usd so I’ll grab that,thanks again.