The newest installment in historical romance author Coulter’s FBI series ( Eleventh Hour, etc.) delivers some of the things her fans have come to. FBI agents Savich and Sherlock face two baffling cases in this riveting novel of knife-edge suspense from #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter. New York Times–bestselling author Catherine Coulter’s FBI series never fails to deliver sensual sizzle along with the suspense. In Blindside, husband-and-wife.

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But after she went into writing contemporary thrillers like this I picked her up again. My criticism is that the ending was blincside too perfect. I would have preferred the two investigations split into two different books and fleshed out a little more because one cahherine them felt more like an afterthought than a main plot point. The book would have been so much better with a more ambiguous ending.

I highly recommend this excellent series, which has been going strong for ma My Review: However, I had some real plotting problems.

Blind Side

I love the characters that Catherine Coulter creates, they are likable and fun. All her books have wonderful plots, great characters and always have a love story in every FBI story.

May 07, Dyana rated it it was ok. A riveting novel of knife-edge suspense, Blindside is Catherine Coulter at the top of her game. There is a B-plot surrounding a math teacher serial killer case that Savith and Sherlock are pursuing as well as a very, very extremely superfluous minor D-plot of a va-va-voomy gym-fly who keeps putting the moves on Savitch.

Blindside | Catherine Coulter Suspense Thriller author FBI Contemporary

Burr has a beautiful voice, rich and nicely inflected. And for some reason, he was evidently killing other math teachers. It is a mix of multiple genres thriller, romance, suspense which makes it very interesting. He licked at the dried blood beside his mouth. Would like to read more of Catherine Coulter. Wow – this seems negative. I gave this three stars which I think it might be a teensy bit generous. By dawn I might be dropped over with a heart attack. Par for the course. The sniper, Kurt Cooper, had fired.


Katie and her daughter, Keeley, had been driving along when they see Sam running out of the woods with his kidnappers in mad pursuit. December 15, ISBN: And finally, the bad guys were like the terminators Jimbo looked up, his eyes glassy, spit dribbling from his mouth.

Blindside by Catherine Coulter – FictionDB

Why not relocate him to a safe house far away from the threat? I enjoyed the kids and Katie being a tough police officer, but that seemed to be diminishing. There were too many plot inconsistencies; and I did not like the writer’s style, especially the corny dialogue – people do not realistically talk to each other the way she portrays them, especially small children.

The plot is this: Oct 18, Joyce Blindskde rated it it was amazing. However, as they were introduced in this installment, I spent more time trying to figure out their importance that it took to read all of their pages combined. The title boindside be at least 4 characters long.

Cooper was the one sniper cathedine he was in his place, some twenty feet behind Savich, with a clear view into that shadowy living room. It is cutesy and gushing–not my usual action packed thriller. It has a few twist and turns through out the book enough that it holds your interest. How can enough people read these mysteries again and again and not realize they’re enjoying a checklist?

But Savich shook his head as he looked at the scene through the window. Ridiculous dialogue was abundant.


Please add to series 3 May 22, HardcoverFirst Editionpages. Savich ran to the front door and slammed through, agents and local cops behind him. Why take such a risk by bringing the victim to his own home? I just love how Catherine Coulter weaves a tale, and there is no better story than that of Savich and Sherlock. Something or someone was determined to have this little boy. I needed something to listen to on a long commute and got this out. I don’t like writing reviews, especially when the book wasn’t good.

What was going on here? Very little is left to the imagination. Coulter’s heady blend of action and intrigue, her ‘complex plotting and likable characters’ Publishers Weeklygrow more intoxicating with each book — and reach new heights in Blindside. What the hell are you doing? I knew right away that the minister’s wife was not dead.

I’m sure those employees love being uprooted in order to keep their jobs. The snitch had seen Wade Phelps pull a gun on a guy in the parking lot of a small strip mall, pull him out of his Volvo station wagon and shove him into an old Buick.

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However, this was very slow paced and I could easily guess what was gonna happen next. What Readers Are Saying What do you think? The investigation leads everyone to a charismatic, intense evangelist, Reverend Sooner McCamy, and his totally loyal wife, Elsbeth.