Caer en la tentación by Kathryn Smith at – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Planeta, S.a. – – Softcover. CASI UNA PRINCESAAutor: ELIZABETH THORNTONEditorial: GRUPO EDITORIAL RANDOM HOUSE MONDADORIPáginas: Londres, principios del siglo. See details and download book: Tagalog E Books Free Download Caer En La Tentación By Kathryn Smith Pdf.

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The guy actually questioned tentavion love and marriage because of such ridiculous crap! Sak21 rated it liked it Jun 05, There’s a few places where it could have had better editing, such as paragraphs where the same adjective or noun is repeated several times.

Shalisha rated it it was amazing Nov 06, Kathfyn totally turned me off. They are passionate and not timid in the bedroom. To ask other readers questions about Into Temptationplease sign up. Brenda McCarty rated it it was amazing Aug 20, I read book 1 in the series as a borrowed paperback.

Unlike many, many Regency romances, it also acknowledges the necessity of servants to maintain an upper-class lifestyle, in that the existence of those servants are mentioned and the characters are often conscious that they do not want “the help” to overhear tentwcion they are saying. The sister is in love Entertaining but not memorable.

Caer en la tentación : Kathryn Smith :

I just loved this story! I re-read it immediately upon finishing it Trivia About Into Temptation I waited and waited for it to go on sale. Jun 03, Teresa rated it it was amazing. Lists with This Book.


Caer en la tentación

The book started out okay. Apr 22, Carrie Olguin rated it liked it. Teresa rated it it was amazing May 23, And then the author just ruined what little bit of enjoyment I was having by making the H practically throw a hissy fit over something so stupid. Marriage doesn’t mean she stops being her own person, or that she has to give over all her connection, commitments and vows to her husband. This was a better than average telling of this type of story – the author did not drag everything out to the smoth pages but had the characters solving past problems one step at a time.

The biggest problem I had with the story was the hero’s reaction when he finds out that the heroine knew his sister was in love with an unsuitable man and didn’t tell him.

Women have honor, too. Jun 25, Lin Historical lover This book gazes with an unflinching eye at the many ways in which upper-class women had no control over their lives in the early s.

Into Temptation (Friends Trilogy, #3) by Kathryn Smith

He considers it a betrayal and overreacts, blaming the heroine for his sister’s actions running way to marry the man she loves. So because of that ending I am only giving it 2 dmith. The author could have found some other reason for a conflict between the H and h. The sister is in love with an man she knows her brother will never approve of.


Zmith was not disappointed. The hero learns his lesson. The hero refused to marry her to save her reputation. The women are strong and overcome great scandal and hardship. Aunque con tantas cosas buenas en el mercado dudo que sea pronto. It wasn’t outstanding but it wasn’t terrible either.

Then it tentacino along nicely. Fil rated it it was amazing Feb 10, I’ve always loved Kathryn Smith’s historical writing. Open Preview See a Problem?

She runs to the heroine tengacion sanctuary so that she won’t have to return for another London season and spend time with the men her brother has approved. Pero luego de un par de los mejores libros de Laurens, pienso que esperaba demasiado de ellos. A week lalter, the heroine became engaged to another man. I loved it that much!