Papercrete is the ultimate building material for preppers, homesteaders, and off grid living enthusiasts. Not only is the building material incredibly inexpensive. How To Make Papercrete,Papercrete is a cement with fibers of some kind in it. These fibers can be just about anything, from paper and cotton to hemp, ect. Building with Papercrete and Paper Adobe: A Revolutionary New Way to Build Your Own Home for Next to Nothing. Front Cover. Gordon Solberg. Remedial.

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Care must be taken to utilize it properly, or you could be courting disaster. With this mixer which I towed behind a Volvo station wagon I could make three or four wheel barrows full of thick papercrete in about twenty minutes.

If you feel moved to assist us in this work, your kind donation would be much appreciated; this buiilding be easily done through our PayPal account: This can work well if the material is kept absolutely dry; otherwise it will become soft and could deform. This Carriage House was initially designed to create garage and shop space, as well as office and storage space for the designer’s personal use.

The addition of mineral material sand, adobe, etc. We chose papercerte create earthbag domes covered with papercrete recycled paper combined with cement and sand.

Green Home Building:Papercrete

The slurry can just as easily be pumped or dumped into forms to set up that way. This design is based on a fairly small 16′ X 34′ steel building, but these structures are available in a wide range of widths up to sizes fit for aircraft hangersand the lengths can be indefinite, since it is just a matter of adding more arched sections to lengthen the building. The paper to be used can come from a variety of sources and is usually free. After a year of making small batches with this, I graduated to a “tow mixer” designed by Mike McCain, which is basically a trailer made from the rear end of a car.


Eric Patterson makes adobe brick sized blocks of papercrete to build with, and mortars them together with a slurry of the same stuff. My first mixer used a small electric motor mounted directly to a shaft suspended in a plastic 55 gallon drum where the mixing took place.

It is a hybrid design, utilizing earthbags plastered with papercrete, a steel prefabricated Quonset-style vault, concrete floor, and wood-framed end walls. Disclaimer Of Liability And Warranty I specifically disclaim any warranty, either expressed or implied, concerning the information on these pages.

Mike McCain prefers to either pump the slurry into slip forms or make larger blocks for building. Starshipenterprises Several pages about buildiny, with lots of good pictures, including a look at a large papercrete dome project with lots of slow-loading pictures, but worth the wait. A papercrete list forum is operated from here.

This is the material that I used to plaster both the inside and outside of my earthbag house. Paper Observatory Domes Early approach to creating lightweight domes. I simply filled the tank nearly full of water, added about one wheel barrow full of dry paper, one sack of Portland cement, buildjng perhaps some sand, depending on how I planned to use the mix.

We wanted to build an environmentally sensitive and papercrere pleasing home at a moderate price. Several other earthbag homes are also shown. Dream Green Homes snd a consortium of outstanding architects and designers, who have pooled their talent and expertise for your benefit. I have had a fair amount of experience with this stuff, and I would say that is has some remarkable properties. When cement is added, this material is not as “green” as would be ideal, but the relatively small amount of cement is perhaps a reasonable tradeoff for what papercrete can offer.

Other properties of papercrete are: See Your Ad in This Space! Since the steel vault is completely covered with insulating earthbags, the building is very well insulated, and comfortable year-round.

In order to gain height, the steel shell is erected on top of an earthbag stem wall, and then the earthbags continue on up over the building. Paper adobe is similar to papercrete, but instead of cement used to bind the paper fiber into a solid, clay is used as the binder.


The double columns of the stem wall provides thermal mass on the inside and insulation on the outside. DVD produced by Kelly Hart. Cured papercrete acts like a sponge unless it is coated with something to stop the entry of water. This was not a problem because there was nothing in the wall that would be damaged by water, even if it got past the papercrete layer, which it rarely or never did. Papercrete is a fairly new ingredient in the natural building world.

Plans Carriage House Kelly Hart, Designer This Carriage House was initially designed to create garage and shop space, as well as office and storage space for the designer’s personal use. The second floor joists and tie beams are essential elements of the design, since they resist deformation of the vault from all of the weight on it. After about a half hour of draining the excess water from the slurry, the papercrete is like soft, workable clay, but not nearly as messy.


Papercrete Papercrete is a fairly new ingredient in the natural building world. I’ve used newspaper, junk mail, magazines, books, etc. Depending on the type of mixer that is used to make pulp wkth of it, the paper might be soaked in water beforehand or not.

There is potentially about s. The more cement and mineral material that is added to the mix, the more fire proof it becomes. For more information about this planand many others, visit our sister site www. Kelly, and the GreenHomeBuilding team of experts, have answered thousands of questions for readers over the years, and we continue to publish up-to-date information about increasingly important sustainable architecture.