High quality copy of the original Beseler instruction manual for 23C Series II condenser enlargers as manufactured during the ‘s. This deluxe reproduction. Hi, I’m about to acquire a Beseler 23C II enlarger. I was wondering if anyone had a PDF copy of the manual for it, as the enlarger itself doesn’t. hey, i just one an auction for a beseler 23c II colorhead enlarger, but i dont believe that it comes with a manual, now i use the condenser.

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I often use my 75mm lens with 35mm negatives and smaller prints to keep the head height manageable. You are welcome to manuaal orders during the closure but be advised your order will not be processed until the new year.

You may link to content on this site but you may not reproduce any of it in whole or part without written consent from its owner. Don’t pitch that 75mm lens unless it just does a terrible job for some reason. Please also note we will not be available to answer questions or assist with problems during this period.

Is it important, being as how it beseelr not anywhere an image could be formed anyway? With the condenser set to the level for medium format but without a negative carrier, I’m seeing a blur on the back side of the light cone next to the frame with this 75mm lens.

Thanks for the clarification on the 75mm, Bryce. I wonder if that’s just an artifact of the bulb mount. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. And pointers to other important lubrication points on a year old enlarger?


Find More Posts by Bryce. And the promise of more stupid questions in the near future. I’ll try to keep it tight.

Hunt around for Multi-grade filters. And as you say, it’s outside the image area, so why worry? I have an extra Neg carrier, it looks like the previous owner wanted to enlargen it a bit maybe to see the sprocket holes, but it works fine.

Beseler 23C II enlarger manual? | Photography Forums

Originally Posted by bkrystad. We thank you for your patronage and wish you all a safe and joyous Holiday Season!

I’m willing to bet that your aberration is a product of misalignment of the base, the lens-board and the negative manuao. As far as the 75mm lens, I use one quite often for 35mm, especially when doing 4×5 proofs, just because it gives me more room to manoeuvre. But you geseler touch! His name sounds good in your ear, but when you say it, you mustn’t fear!

I also found a couple of superb El-Nikkors on eBay for peanuts. Yes, I have, a couple dozen 6x9s. It’s dead simple to do, and is contained in the Beseler 23C series manuals.

First off, I would suggest an alignment.

Max Power is offline. Ask a question about this product. Add a personal message. All times are GMT I used orange food grade lubricant for those, but the one used in printers and such may work as well.

Beseler 23CII-XL Instruction Manual

Cut manuap with Xacto knifes and use gaffer tape to keep both halves together 5. Find More Posts by mllanos All content on this site is Copyright Protected and owned by its respective owner. Find More Posts by jayjee. Kenmore Camera has a couple of lens boards for sale at the moment by the way, though no neg carriers.


I had only seen references to 50mm for small negative work in the materials I’m reading. I also have beseled extra lens board and EL Nikkor beswler 2. If your interested I’m sure we can work something out. Beseler Dichro dg Colorhead Instruction Manual 5. This enlarger, and the larger 4×5 Beseler tend to go out of alignment quite easily because of inherent design flaws compared to other enlargers. During it’s long production run, there have been numerous revisions to the 23C resulting in multiple versions of the instruction manual.

beseler 23c II instructions

I made a new post a few weeks back describing the whole darkroom setup, and attached this sample not a very good scan at all, sorry. I’ve done some initial alignment work on the lens board and negative stage with a large T square, and it worked out all right.

Picture attached to thread. I’m wondering if this aberration is normal, or easily explained, or if there’s some flaw in the machine.