Alankars bansuri – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Phone (03) Mobile email: [email protected]; [email protected] ALANKAR CONTINUED. 8. SA MA – RE PA – GA DHA – MA. Here I explain and demonstrate some of the techniques used on the bansuri to make the music sound more beautiful. I have included some videos to.

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Don’t think that if you play for 5 days you can let go 2 days and then again you’ll start practicing. I try to demonstrate vibrato in the video below. Just like with weight training, you start with simple Alankaar combinations in slow tempo. This creates a continuous, flowing sound. It is produced on the bansuri in a similar way to the meend technique.

Practicing Scales

You will always depend on this blog or somewhere else to read the alankar first and then play it you wont be able to play it by yourself. Unknown 24 February at However, same patterns can be practiced in any other scale.

A murki is a cluster of usually notes played alankarss a main note to make it sound more beautiful. You will see that the sound changes slightly depending on the consonant, giving it a different effect each time. Unlike a khatka, notes in a zamzama are played in progressive combinations and permutations like very fast ordered note clusters or taans. Your time learning the instrument will increase.


In other words, these are musical ornaments created to decorate a scale or a raga. A grace note is when you play a note for a very short time compared with other notes – it is a flicker of that note. For example, you may mix and match ascent and descent i.

Pranav Vyas 20 April at Prashanth Kumar 8 July at You can also try saying other clusters of letters to ornament your music like: I diligently follow them. Khatka is basically the same as Murki but played faster and with more force. First is Aaroh Ascending and second Avroh descending. Log In Register Orientation Subscribe.

While tables below provide full articulation, try to think the articulation through based on pattern. It will do you no good. Zx Anuj 18 March at Try to play the grace notes in the following Alankaar practice exercises remembering to tap your finger very quickly on the notes in brackets: Keshav Jha 13 March at The concept of Alankaars helps certainly with getting command over the instrument.

At first I play using gamak: SA ni dha pa ma ga re sa. The more you practice the more faster you’ll learn the art. This adds texture to the sound.

Alankaras for Bansuri | Flute Bansuri-Official Site

While structure, temperament and mood of a raga is conventionally defined, a good Hindustani musician would present it in a completely different manner every time he interprets the raga. So what can I do to improve it.?? Unknown 21 October at In the video below I demonstrate gamak. Relax and once the dizziness gets over, start again.


Soham Yoga Studio 12 March at Another type of tonguing technique which is often used at the end of a composition is: For example, if you play for example the note SA SA SA so three times the same note you could do this by blowing and stopping the air flow three times, however, your zlankars will sound much better if you use tonguing.

Meend is when you go from one note to the other, for example from Ni to Sa in a sliding motion with your finger. RE MA x4 Av: You go to heavier and more complex exercises after you feel comfortable with the basic exercises. Here I explain and demonstrate some of the techniques used on the bansuri to make the music sound more beautiful.

Unknown 30 July at I demonstrate this in the video below.