Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. MELLING, Antoine Ignace (). Voyage pittoresque de Constantinople et des rives du Bosphore. Paris, Strassburg and London: Treuttel et Würtz. Antoine Ignace Melling was a painter, architect and voyager who is counted among the “Levantine Artists”.

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Ignaec course, “focuses on a selected few masterpieces of Ottoman artistic and literary production, picked on the basis of not only their high aesthetic qualities, but also their representativeness across different genres and historical periods”.

He returned antoie Paris inpublished his marvellour work and was appointed lanscape painter to emperess Josephine, Napoleon’s wife. Melling Pasha’s eighteen years as Imperial Architect gave him a privileged opportunity to observe the Ottoman Court.

Later mellingg, coloured versions of the engravings were also published. I’d probably have to go online now to even buy the chemicals, maybe also the film to go back to using it for its original purpose, even though twenty years ago I used to spend hours at a time developing and printing photos for my portrait business. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The facsimile publishers also offered 25 copies of an edition of the unfolded image plates presented in a leather-bound case.

As a young man, Melling studied architecture in Austria as well as spending time learning to paint and draw in Italy and Egypt.

Both of Melling’s books remained in print long after his death intheir color illustrations having no equal for tourist purposes for more than a hundred years. He later travelled to France, Britain and the Pyrenees.

Newer Post Antooine Post Home. Retrieved from ” https: London, South Kensington 29 September With the help of Talleyrand Melling was appointed landscape painter to the Emperor Napoleon’s wife, the Empress Josephine. Ignxce Ottoman capital, its natural landscape as well as monuments and everyday way unfolded before the eyes of Europeans in an unparallelled way. Melling was born on the border between Germany and the Nelling region of northeastern France, which made him technically German, but predominantly French in that he spent most of his life, when not traveling, in Paris.

The excellent quality of this edition, in select paper, realized by mellinv best typographers of the time was achieved ignce to Melling’s diligence, an impeccable engraving and the originality of the drawings.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou. His most influential work is published as Voyage pittoresque de Constantinople et des rives du Bosphore. Contact Client Service info christies. Posted by Jim Lane at 1: Afterhe was sent by the French Government to document the Pyrenees and demonstrate that their natural beauty rivalled that of the Alps.


When the wealthy, or some high governmental official, traveled abroad, it was not uncommon for them to include in their entourage a sketch artist, watercolorist, or even a full-blown professional painter to record what they saw.

Pamuk claims that Melling saw the city like an Istanbullu but painted it like a cleareyed Westerner.

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He became more familiar with the Ottoman palace than any Western artist since Gentile Bellini. As antpine in an anonymous travelogue written in about”Sometimes these pictures contain an excessive amount of detail in an endeavour to reflect the reality but they depict the modern buildings and landscapes of anttoine city, every view of which is attractive, in a manner more successful than that achieved in the most sensitive written descriptions.

Views Read Edit View history. Antoine Ignace Melling was a French painter and architect, son of a sculptor.

The plates include some of the earliest interior views mellijg the harem and the sultan’s palaces, besides stunning delineations of the city’s skylines, often with members of Ottoman society in the foreground. The papers presented – subsequently revised by their authors – are published in three separate volumes: In order to prepare the publication of igmace drawings, Melling set up an engraving studio, with the assistance of the best engravers of the time.

The impetus for these “travelogue” books was to direct tourists to the south of France where the scenic vistas were to compete directly with those of the Swiss Alps. Voyage pittoresque de Constantinople et des rives du Bosphore. As has been recently said, Melling saw Istanbul as an Ottoman citizen but was able to paint it as an insightful Western European. Sometime after the government sent Melling on a drawing expedition to the Pyrenees Mountains on the southern border of France to create illustrations for a book by Joseph Antoine Cervini titled Picturesque Travels in the French Pyrenees and the Adjacent Areas.

In order to write the accompanying texts Melling worked and consulted with Lechevalier, P.

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Tag Search Type a search term. Market before the Tophane Fountain, Antoine Ignace Melling Antoine Ignace Melling Had there been photography in the early s when the Frenchman, Antoine Melling, lived and worked as an artist, the man would have been out of a job. Of course, the Ottomans ruled Constantinople and the rest of Turkey at the time and it was through the ambassador that Melling met the Ottoman Sultan Selim III, and more importantly his close confident and sister, princess Hatice Sultan, who happened to be in the market for a good architect.


View of the BosporusAntoine Ignace Melling. And that number has probably grown significantly with the advent of digital photography. He studied architecture and mathematics and travelled to Italy and Egypt. He made many detailed drawings of the Sultan’s palaces, Ottoman society, and vedute of Constantinople and its environs. Even at that, the photos were in black and white, or in the rare cases when color was needed, had to be hand-colored by The book includes 48 views of Constantinople in the late 18th century and also three maps.

At the age of 19, he went to ItalyEgyptand ignacf Constantinople as a member of the Russian Ambassador’s retinue and household with the aim of mellinb pictures for various dignitaries. Eryn Brobyn ebrobyn christies.

Plates all on new mounts, some with light spotting to engraved area, more persistent spotting at plate margins, occasional slight staining or soiling in gutter area, plate 37 with corner torn away and closed tears in gutter, another plate with long closed tear at lower margin, text vol.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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The congress took place under the patronage and in presence of the President of Turkey. In Melling travelled to Holland; during his journey he produced a multitude of drawings and wrote many letters to his family. Moreover photography also had an effect upon those who didn’t use photos in their work. His journey to the Netherlands under Antoone rule at the time is documented by Melling not only by a large number of surviving drawings but also by the kelling sent to his family in Paris.

Ginace set up a studio, painting for her some of the more picturesque vista of the countryside, then created etchings of his work which he hand-colored for sale to those who could not afford his paintings copyright laws being such as they were at the time, if an artist didn’t do his own etchings, someone else would, then take the money and run.

Melling was one such artist.