Color map. The wilderness is the overland map of the Drakalor Chain – you start the game in the upper right corner of the wilderness, and you may enter a. The wilderness is the overland map of the Drakalor Chain. It is often regarded as a curse by new players, whose PC’s are killed in wilderness encounters and. ADOM Guidebook. Wilderness – color map.

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The stone dragon caves consist of five levels in total. The player must have received the secret of how to enter from the Demented Ratling. Once the PC reads the antediluvian dwarven map, Rolf’s fortress can be found in the mountains directly east of Terinyo. The final chamber to the east has two secret doors. Contains four random artifacts.

Home of the Mad Minstrel.

The merchant guild in an area located to the northeast of the high mountain village. This will allow the PC to find an eerily silent glade to the north of the mad minstrel’s hut. The final level is populated by powerful, highly experienced monsters, including the supreme balor, three greater balors, and sometimes emperor molochs. In Tutorial mode, there is a goblin rockthrower at tunnel entrance, who always drops potion of healing and scroll of mpa, then there is a special cache with wand of cold, long bow and 40 wildeerness SE part after entering tunnelthen a minotaur accross a river, followed by random trap in tunnels after river, a secret door circumventing the wilverness, and finally 3×3 room full of goblins in western part.


Zapping it produces food and water, and creates an herb bush.

3.0.x Changes

Rolf will attack chaos knights when chatted with, regardless of alignment. Can be found in any wilderness forest square in the west half of the wilderness; must ‘s’earch for it.

Rolf will assign you a quest if you chat with him after giving him his axe and shield. Tomb of the High Kings. Rolf will attack non- lawful Dark ElvesOrcsand Trolls when chatted with.

When read it produces one of the following effects: The cornucopia can dropped by the fungoid overlord. He will eventually require you to guess the ID level wildernrss fragment is located on; the level number is an afom of the drunken dwarf’s name.

Second level contains a wand of teleportation. Climbing set is needed to bypass some mountains but not for entering rift itself.

ADOM Guidebook – Wilderness color map

Once entered, it displays the message “You enter a rather unremarkable cave complex. There are 6 antediluvian dwarven map fragments scattered across the chain.

With less than 30 character deaths or if in Tutorial mode it comes as one level with a number of features listed below. The dungeon continues east through a gauntlet of respawning constructs. And have exact timing. First, talk with Thrundarr about “Rolf”. It is from afom that the PC enters the Drakalor Chain, and can enter various dungeons and towns in the chain.

Reading one while adjacent to Andor Drakon instantly destroys him, and shortly causes the universe to end. This fragment will often be sold for an exorbitant price.

The Tower of Eternal Flames. The heavenly area is single level dungeon branch located beneath the air temple. The closed rooms at the center of the map can be accessed by secret doors.


ADOM Guidebook – The Wilderness

Leading him all the way to the ice queen will cause them to reunite, which stops the generation of further volcanoes and renders existing volcanoes dormant. This page provides a list of the accessible locations in ADOM. Leaving one part of the jungle will either generate another jungle section and bar the way back with thorns, or lead out of the jungle.

Teleportation is not allowed on this level, although most of the walls are diggable, with the exception of those around the secret doors. Contains several dwarven graves, including a special one containing the Ancient dwarven key.

Close the Chaos Gatecomplete the Volcano questretrieve the Weird fire starter. The final level of the nap is a single, huge room.

The area consists of 10 random levels followed by a single fixed wildernses. It has hidden chambers containing massive amounts of gold and four random artifacts. Sign In Don’t have an account? Teleportation is not allowed within the fungal caves. Sign In Don’t have an account? The final level has a river, a special fungoid-spawning pool, and the unique fungoid overlord.

ADOM Guidebook

This forfeits the rewards from Rolf, but opens up another wildernesw line. Sign In Don’t have an account? It is revealed on the map by searching in the adjacent hill space while in possession of a good luck intrinsic.